Spring is just around the corner...

Sheer Chaos...

This popped up on my Facebook memories this morning.  Gosh, it felt like yesterday and certainly a day I won't forget in a hurry!  Grab a cuppa and have a read x


There's a noise in the distance. It seemed to get louder and louder and I suddenly realise it's the alarm. Half past 5! On a Sunday!
I hit snooze, roll over and try to ignore it, but 5 minutes later there it goes again.
I get up reluctantly, knowing I have deadlines.
I stroll downstairs and realise hubby's already awake and has a cup of tea waiting for me.
I make the decision that I will not achieve everything on today's to do list and promise not to beat myself up over it.
12 more cushions and 6 more lavender bags HAVE to be finished this morning ready for delivery today... yes today! 
I'm halfway through, and almost back in a slumber with the smell of lavender wafting across every now and again.
In no time at all, the whole house is awake, noise, breakfasts, animals, chaos - the whole lot.
Clock is ticking...the absolute latest we can leave the house is 1pm. At 12.15pm, I'm still sewing, no hope of lunch, everything needs packaging, I need to print delivery notes and I'm still in my pyjamas!
Hooray... I have no idea how, but everything's boxed, I've not had a row with the printer and we just about manage to squeeze everything into the car.
And we're off... until I realise I don't have fuel and need to make a detour. 
Around 50 minutes later we arrive at Dinefwr. It's chaos there. So many tourists. Hubby has a battle with the big double gates to be able to drive right up to the house and I try not to mow anyone down. 
A warm welcome as ever awaits and we all do a little happy dance at seeing my work on display and said tourists making lovely comments, carrying cushions to the till... good job there were lots in the box!
They discover my love of (obsession with) squirrels and I come away with this little fella.
We look at the clock and it dawns on us that we need to be in Llanerchaeron (which currently feels as though it's the other end of the earth) by 3.30pm before they close... its currently close to 2pm and the next delivery drop is an hour and a half away. I frantically program the sat nav and notice we should arrive with around 9 minutes to spare (yikes)!
It's close to 3pm. We're still travelling. Gosh the roads are winding this way and that. Then I hear the words "mam I feel sick"!!!!
Without any further notice I hear projectile vomit hit the back of my seat. I daren't look. The smell hits us and we all feel slightly queesy.
We have a 5 minute argument about do we pull over, do we try and stop in Lampeter, do we just keep driving and sort it out when we get there...
I see a layby with roaming sheep... that'll do.
I have never been so thankful for a semi dry packet of wet wipes in the glove compartment and a random Tesco carrier bag stuffed in the passenger footwell!
William is covered, pretty much from head to toe. We do the best job we can and smelling of vomit, hair frizzy from the drizzle, sweating like a pig I climb back in the car and pelt it round the remainder of the winding roads.
I don't know how I done it, but we made it with minutes to spare. 
Everything is delivered, I am exhausted, we cannot spend any time in the grounds with our free complimentary passes as we all smell of vomit and one is head to toe in the stuff... we just have to get back in the car to do the journey all the way back home, navigating 7 tractors, 3 cyclists, lazy Sunday drivers, tree cutting, windy roads, a headache, bursting for a wee and the sound of "are we there yet" on repeat.
But we've made it home. Everyone has had a shower, dinner is in the oven and Mr Squirrel is at home in the garden.
Can't wait to do it all again tomorrow

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