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Mallows Beauty Body Scrub
Mallows Beauty Body Scrub
Mallows Beauty Body Scrub

Mallows Beauty Body Scrub

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A choice of amazing fragrances.

Coffee and Coconut Oil Body Scrub

I am a coffee bean body scrub with nourishing coconut oil to make your peach softer than a baby’s! Get naked girl, and let’s get dirty.

So let’s talk cellulite...Thing is nearly every woman has some, whether they are slim or bootylicious - even supermodels. Did you know that cellulite is an inherent female trait? Because our fat structure is different to men’s...which means cellulite is unique to us girls! So, if nearly all of us have it, why don’t we celebrate our bodies for it? (And everyone else’s for that matter!)

Love yourself for who you are and stop being so critical. If we want to change society, it starts with you being kind to your body - that’s your cellulite and your beautiful imperfections. Now go and change the world, you super woman, you. 

Peachy Body Scrub

I contain sugar which physically exfoliates your skin, whilst my AHA's chemically exfoliate. I also contain vitamin C to help brighten and jojoba oils to moisturise. My active ingredients help prevent and tackle blemishes, whilst helping skin appear clear, brighter, glowing and SUPER SOFT. Oh and I smell dreamy!

Cherry Body Scrub

I am a Cherry Himalayan salt scrub, with sweet almond and apricot oil, to exfoliate and moisturise your body…